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New Products for July: Mineral Eyeliner & Illuminating Highlighter

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new products to the NCINC range today!

We have added a black mineral eyeliner powder, perfect for adding the finishing touches to your makeup. We also have added our first highlighter, a white illuminating powder to accentuate your features and add the slightest touch of shimmer to your cheeks.


Use our mineral eyeliner for adding the perfect finishing touch to your makeup.

To use our mineral eyeliner, dampen your brush slightly with a drop of water to help the minerals adhere to the brush. Work the powder into the brush slightly to prevent it sprinkling onto your cheeks and work the powder onto your lash-line with small short strokes. Work your way from the outer corner to the inner corner. You can also smudge it afterwards with a dry brush for a more diffused line.


Mineral Makeup Illuminating Highlighter Powder: A loose mineral powder that brightens and highlights your complexion to give you a healthy glow.

To use our mineral highlighting powder, sprinkle a small amount into the lid of the jar and add to your brush, tapping off any excess. Apply to your cheeks to highlight them with a light shimmer.


Both products are in stock for you to purchase now, please do leave us a comment with your feedback if you purchase either of these new products.


Posted by Diane Dale

Hi I'm Diane, Founder of Natural Cosmetics Inc! We are a small Cosmetics Company based in Manchester in the UK. All our products are manufactured by ourselves so we know they contain only natural ingredients and they haven't been tested on Animals. All NCINC products are Vegan and Halal Friendly also. Find out more about us here.

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