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Teach Yourself: How to Apply Mineral Makeup

In this post we will be teaching you how to apply your mineral makeup correctly. If you are used to traditional liquid foundations, using minerals for the first time will take you a little longer but if you follow our tips, with practice you will be an expert in no time at all.


The Tools

Our recommended method for applying mineral makeup is by using a Kabuki brush, but you can use any type of brush you like. Kabuki brushes are usually better for full coverage as you can apply over a larger area and “buff” the makeup on to your skin in circular motions.



Minerals adhere naturally to your skin using your skin’s oil – if your face it too dry the makeup could end up looking a little powdery so you need to prepare your skin first.


Whatever your skin type you should always prepare your skin for mineral makeup by full moisturising your face, use a good moisturiser and let it fully soak into your skin. This step is more important if you have any dry skin, if you don’t currently use a moisturiser please consider it – your skin will thank you!

Concealer & Corrector

If you have any redness on your skin, use a green corrector which will even out the skin tone and hide any red patches. If you have dark patches or circles under your eyes then you should use a yellow corrector which will again even out the skin tone. Apply a small amount of corrector to the area with light strokes and feather it out with your brush.

If you have any blemishes then now is when you should apply your concealer, use the same method – small amounts on the concealer with light brush strokes until the blemishes are covered.

Miracle Veil

Our Miracle veil is translucent and works with all skin tones & types – you can wear it under or over your makeup to provide a beautiful finishing touch. It also absorbs oil & moisture and creates a softer look to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Use your brush in light circles around your whole face, applying a very light layer of the powder.


Tip a small amount of your mineral foundation into the lid of your jar & swirl your brush over the powder and tap off any excess, it should be barely visible on the brush. Use a circular motion & buff the foundation onto your entire face, start by framing it and then fill in including eyelids and neck.


Make sure to build the coverage up in light layers to achieve the best look – less is more. If the powder looks a little light, continue to add another layer of the foundation, it is designed to be built up in light layers rather than applied thickly.

Blush & Bronzer

Bronzer can be used before or after blush. Start by dusting a tiny amount on your cheeks and brush towards the hair line. Apply where you would naturally get the sun – forehead, chin, cheeks and nose. Our blushers and bronzers are highly pigmented so you only need the tiniest amount.


Eye Shadow

For the finishing touch, you can now apply your eye shadow by tipping up the jar and using a tiny amount from the lid of the jar. Swirl the brush in the lid and then tap off any excess and apply the eye shadow above your eyes until you reach the desired look.

Posted by Diane Dale

Hi I'm Diane, Founder of Natural Cosmetics Inc! We are a small Cosmetics Company based in Manchester in the UK. All our products are manufactured by ourselves so we know they contain only natural ingredients and they haven't been tested on Animals. All NCINC products are Vegan and Halal Friendly also. Find out more about us here.

  1. Superb makeup so light on your skin works with your own complexion an everyday necessity.


  2. Just love this makeup its so pretty and natural on the skin you don’t feel your wearing anything thank you…


  3. Penny AllchorneApril 4, 2016 at 7:47 pm

    Extremely Excellent advice and service providers.
    A Big Thumb’s up ?


  4. Lovely light & perfect finish make up, have now converted my daughter to using it as her skin is very sensitive & acne prone. The difference has been amazing!


  5. Fab love this make up but I’ve had trouble with the foundation looking to thick after finishing but it seems to be using to much instead of a thin layer like stated here will try these tips tomorrow thank you a real help Stacey


  6. I’ve used mineral makeup before but this is my favourite by far and I am now a 100% convert to NCINC. I spend a great deal of my time in the Middle East, it’s over 45 degrees now and the foundation is superb, it stays looking fresh even in these temperatures. A superb product so glad I found NCINC thank you!


  7. I have worked for several high end make up brands including the most popular mineral make up brand. These products are so much better. They go on silky smooth and don’t contain any bismuth so will not aggravate sensitive skins.


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