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  1. How much mineral makeup to use

    How can I apply layers of Mineral Makeup without my skin looking dry and flaky? I understand that some people are weary to use a full face of makeup products that are powder based. We have all had a time where we have over done it on the powder and you skin looking dry and cakey.

    I’m here to tell you that this won’t happen to you! Obviously if you apply an excessive amount of powder your makeup will look very cakey. However this is why Ncinc created buildable formulas, to give you the freedom to add as little or as much as you want to create a look that suits you! This goes for all of NCinc’s products, for example our Mineral bronzer. Some of you like a more contoured framed look whereas others like a sunkissed glow. It’s all about blending until you’re happy with how your makeup looks.

    Always start with a light small layer and then you can determine if that is the right coverage for you! Continue to build the product in even layers you achieve the look you want. You

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  2. How to apply Mineral Foundation

    Switching from traditional liquid foundations to a loose powder based foundation will take some getting used to. The two most important things you will need to keep in mind are preparing your skin and using the right amount of powder. Follow my tips on applying powder foundation and you will soon be an expert!

    My first tip for you is to always start with a clean and fresh face for the best finish. Applying layers of makeup on top of an unwashed face is incredibly bad for your skin leading to acne and clogged pores! Preparing your face is the most important step in applying makeup. How you prepare you face will determine how your makeup will look as you are applying and throughout the day. Now you have washed your face, grab your go to moisturiser and apply a generous layer all over and let absorb.

    Now you’re ready to start applying your foundation. I recommend you use NCinc’s Kabuki brush, our kabuki brush is dense and soft perfect for a fast but even coverage! Tip the

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  3. Why Mineral Makeup Is Good For Your Skin

    What is the difference between mineral makeup and other makeup brands? How is Mineral Makeup good for you skin? There are so many reasons as to why Mineral Makeup is good for you and you skin! The most popular reason Mineral Makeup is good for you skin is the natural ingredients, reassuring you that your skin is safe and will have no damage from using NCinc’s mineral products.

    Using Mineral makeup, you know that you will never have to worry about waking up with and blemishes and red rashes as our formulas and specially manufactured to suit all skin types. One of those skin types being sensitive skin. Having sensitive skin anything can cause a reaction on your skin, then you are left with uncomfortable blotches and bumps for days after. Say goodbye to stressing about your skin reacting to new products!

    Another reason that Mineral Makeup is so good for you is that our formulas are free from harmful additives and oils. We all know that anything containing oil can easily c

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  4. How safe Is Mineral Makeup

    When we think about keeping our skin safe we instantly think about acne, sensitive skin and keeping our pores clear, so how safe is mineral makeup for my skin? Are minerals actually safe? Yes minerals are safe! Mineral makeup is the best form of makeup for all different types of skin. The thought of switching from your favourite brand to mineral makeup can put so many people off. But Mineral makeup is 100% safe for you skin!

    Our formulas include natural ingredients perfect if you have any type of skin condition. When using NCinc’s mineral makeup you will never have to worry about the powder causing any kind of reaction or irritation on your skin. If you have sensitive skin mineral makeup is what you need to be using! It’s so easy for other brands of makeup to cause a flare up on your skin and what makes it worse is that you don’t know exactly which ingredient is causing the irritation. Using Mineral Makeup and knowing the ingredients is the best and safest thing you can do fo

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  5. How To Mix Moisturiser With Mineral Makeup

    For many of you who live for the dewy makeup look I know what you are thinking, how will I achieve a dewy foundation look with loose mineral powder? I also know those of you who suffer with dry/ flaky skin are thinking that powder makeup is your worst nightmare and will end in disaster, but it wont! NCinc formulas are specially formulated to work with all kinds of skin types. Obviously if someone put on many layers of something it will begin to look cakey and it will dry out your skin. This is the case for any type of makeup!

    If you want hydration throughout the day then applying moisturiser is what you need to do! Before applying your mineral foundation apply a generous layer of moisturiser to your face and let it soak into your skin! This will give you the dewy look you are after and your face will stay hydrated all day!

    Ncinc’s products will not leave your skin feeling dry and looking flaky, quite the opposite! Our products are lightweight but full coverage. Our f

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  6. What Is In NCinc’s products?

    Have you ever wondered what ingredients you are putting on to your skin? Before finding mineral makeup I was also guilty of not paying attention to the ingredients in the products I used as long as they gave me the finished look I wanted! However, after years of being invested in a strict skin care regimen I have given it some thought. What's the point in putting in putting so much effort in to skin care if some ingredients in products are the reason for my bad skin? In today's blog I will be telling you about some ingredients in NCinc’s foundation formulas so you can be 100% certain that you know what you are putting on to your skin.

    The first ingredient I will be talking about is Titanium Dioxide. Titanium dioxide is commonly known as an ingredient found in sunscreen, titanium dioxide protects a person's skin by stopping the sun's ultraviolet light being absorbed into a person's skin. We all know UV protection is important in makeup products, no one wants a burnt face!

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  7. How Long Does Mineral Makeup Last?

    Do you keep track of when you buy or open new makeup products? Do you know when you should throw makeup away? If not, no need to worry! I will be telling you how to know when to that your makeup is out of date and the effects of using out of date makeup can have on your skin! 

    I never used to take notice, still to this day I have makeup products from many years ago that desperately need to be thrown away! I have been guilty of going to use a product and thinking it smells strange or the colour/ consistency of the product is changing, that’s when you know it definitely needs to be thrown away! It is really important that you keep in mind when you are opening new products because using them after they have expired can be really dangerous!

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  8. What Is Mineral Makeup?

    This is a frequently asked question, as many people have no idea what Mineral Makeup is. When it comes to shopping for makeup, we instantly buy the familiar brands that we know work for us. A large majority of the makeup out there includes liquid based liquid foundation, liquid concealer even liquid highlighter. So being introduced to Mineral Makeup can be strange after years of using liquid makeup products, you may not think Mineral Makeup is for you. So what is Mineral Makeup? What does Mineral mean? I’m here to tell you exactly what Mineral Makeup and how it will work for you!

    Mineral Makeup formulas are made using naturally sourced ingredients from the earth. As you can probably guess none mineral brands use ingredients that you have never heard of, however NCinc’s ingredients are on our website so you will always know what you are putting on your skin! If you want a lightweight finish mineral makeup is for you, our loose powder also lets you decide the coverage you want. Whe

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  9. Why Shouldn’t I Be Sharing Makeup?

    You might be thinking what's the harm in sharing a bit of makeup with a family member or close friend? Will it cause any damage to my face? Makeup sharing is a big no! You should never share makeup with anyone, even family members. When I was young and in school I would always see my friends using each others makeup especially if one was running late and desperately needed a quick touch up, I always remember thinking how wrong it was! In this blog I will be telling you some scary reasons as to why you should not be sharing makeup!

    The first thing and possibly the most important thing I will be starting with is your eyes. We all know the eyes are very delicate and we should always look after them. Don’t ever share mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow this can lead to stye's, bacteria build up and even pink eye! For those of you who wear contact lenses to improve sight or change your eye colour this can be so dangerous as bacteria can build up behind the lens!

    Secondly is something I

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  10. What Do I Use To Remove Mineral Makeup?

    How do I remove Mineral Makeup? How do I know that I have removed all of the makeup from my face? The worst feeling is waking up and still having makeup on! Sometimes people forget after a long day or maybe it’s just a case of not removing every trace. We all know it’s a horrible feeling that fills us with dread, praying not to wake up with black clogged pores and blemishes! I will be telling you the best ways to remove your makeup and how to be sure you have removed every trace! 

    The first thing that people usually go for are makeup wipes, personally I wouldn’t recommend them! There's nothing wrong with them however I find that when wiping my face with them my skin very quickly becomes red and irritated!

    Other ways of removing makeu

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