Why Shouldn’t I Be Sharing Makeup?


You might be thinking what's the harm in sharing a bit of makeup with a family member or close friend? Will it cause any damage to my face? Makeup sharing is a big no! You should never share makeup with anyone, even family members. When I was young and in school I would always see my friends using each others makeup especially if one was running late and desperately needed a quick touch up, I always remember thinking how wrong it was! In this blog I will be telling you some scary reasons as to why you should not be sharing makeup!

The first thing and possibly the most important thing I will be starting with is your eyes. We all know the eyes are very delicate and we should always look after them. Don’t ever share mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow this can lead to stye's, bacteria build up and even pink eye! For those of you who wear contact lenses to improve sight or change your eye colour this can be so dangerous as bacteria can build up behind the lens!

Secondly is something I have always been cautious of is sharing and type of lip products! Even if you have known your friend for a long time and have never seen them with any infections on their lip doesn’t mean it's safe to share! The bacteria passed from each other can cause things like cold sores and rashes around the mouth! Once you have caught a cold sore once for some people it’s so easy for them to come back, sharing lipstick is just not worth it!

Another big reason is due to the fact that you don’t know how someone applies makeup. They may not regularly clean their brushes and as we know from our blog How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes, makeup applicators such as brushes and blenders can harbour so much bacteria if they aren’t regularly cleaned or replaced. I’m sure if you knew that person didn’t take care of the makeup applicators you definitely would not want to be sharing makeup with them! My last tip is to be careful of using someone's expired makeup. No one is perfect and some people lose track of products they have opened and how long they have been using them. Makeup can store so much bacteria, sharing makeup is bad enough imagine sharing out of date bacteria filled makeup! Are you going to think twice if someone wants to share your makeup?