This is a frequently asked question, as many people have no idea what Mineral Makeup is. When it comes to shopping for makeup, we instantly buy the familiar brands that we know work for us. A large majority of the makeup out there includes liquid based liquid foundation, liquid concealer even liquid highlighter. So being introduced to Mineral Makeup can be strange after years of using liquid makeup products, you may not think Mineral Makeup is for you. So what is Mineral Makeup? What does Mineral mean? I’m here to tell you exactly what Mineral Makeup and how it will work for you!

Mineral Makeup formulas are made using naturally sourced ingredients from the earth. As you can probably guess none mineral brands use ingredients that you have never heard of, however NCinc’s ingredients are on our website so you will always know what you are putting on your skin! If you want a lightweight finish mineral makeup is for you, our loose powder also lets you decide the coverage you want. Whether that be a sheer light coverage or full coverage it's your choice that's the best thing about buildable mineral makeup! Using loose powder has so many more benefits! If you want more information on the benefits of mineral makeup go and read our blog the Benefits Of Mineral Makeup.