What Is In NCinc’s products?

Have you ever wondered what ingredients you are putting on to your skin? Before finding mineral makeup I was also guilty of not paying attention to the ingredients in the products I used as long as they gave me the finished look I wanted! However, after years of being invested in a strict skin care regimen I have given it some thought. What's the point in putting in putting so much effort in to skin care if some ingredients in products are the reason for my bad skin? In today's blog I will be telling you about some ingredients in NCinc’s foundation formulas so you can be 100% certain that you know what you are putting on to your skin.

The first ingredient I will be talking about is Titanium Dioxide. Titanium dioxide is commonly known as an ingredient found in sunscreen, titanium dioxide protects a person's skin by stopping the sun's ultraviolet light being absorbed into a person's skin. We all know UV protection is important in makeup products, no one wants a burnt face!

Another ingredient I want to share with you is Zinc Oxide . It is commonly known for treating a range of irritations and flare ups on the skin, protecting the skin. Zinc oxide is also used in cosmetics as UVA protection! The next ingredient I want to talk about is Kaolin Clay, a miracle for oily skin sufferers! Kaolin Clay is used in NCinc formulas because of its commonly known absorbent properties. Commonly used in makeup and also facemasks, great for absorbing any excess oil and moisture from your skin.

Knowing what is in your makeup is such a relief, a huge benefit for people who have many allergies. Using Mineral Makeup will always put your mind to rest as you know your skin is safe from any harmful additives and pore-clogging oils. Do you prefer to know what's in your makeup?