Tips for dry skin

Wearing makeup and having dry skin is a challenge, especially now that the cold weather has arrived. If you aren’t sure if you have dry skin, the things to look out for are; flaky patches, tightness, fine lines and red/sore patches of skin. Dry skin can be difficult to manage but with my simple tips I hope to improve your skin!

A great way to start is to use a cleansing scrub to exfoliate the skin. This will remove dead skin from the surface and leave you with a smooth base for better makeup application. Don’t exfoliate more than 3 times a week as this can damage your skin! Invest in a good moisturiser, regularly moisturising everyday your skin will be hydrated! Makeup products will dry out your skin throughout the day however with a layer of moisturiser under your makeup your face will stay fresh and hydrated all day. Alongside a moisturiser for smoother skin apply a layer of primer to make your makeup stay put.

An important tip is not to aggravate your skin. Over blending and rubbing your skin will not only irritate and make it sore, but it will lead to flaky patches on your face. This will cause small flakes of skin to sit on the surface or even flake off your face completely. This will cause your makeup to look cakey and appear to have patches of makeup missing.

We all know that going over the top with finishing powder will make your face appear fuzzy and cakey, even if you have oily skin! So when it comes to Mineral makeup remember to apply small layers at a time for a smoother finished look. Powder isn’t the only way to set your makeup! If you have dry skin rather than using just powder, try a hydrating setting spray. A setting spray will make your makeup last longer as well as refreshing your skin.

I hope that these simple tips and tricks help you to battle dry skin!