Should I Be Double Cleansing?


You are probably thinking why do I have to double cleanse? isn't once enough? Well it's not! In this blog I will be telling you why it's important to double cleanse and how to do it.  


What are the benefits of double cleansing?


Double cleansing after a full day of wearing makeup will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean! Sometimes just using a makeup wipe or cleaning your face once is not enough. Makeup and oil will still be on your face and in your pores, even if you can't see it!


When makeup and oils are left on your skin, especially overnight, there is a chance you will wake up with blemishes and blackheads. We have all fallen asleep with makeup on once or twice waking up to your skin feeling dry and dirty the next day. However if you double cleanse you will wake up with clear skin that is ready for another day of gorgeous makeup with no damage to your skin!  


How do I double cleanse?


Double cleansing will make sure your skin and pores are free from makeup, dirt and oils. Firstly you should use an oil-based cleanser or makeup remover, this breaks down the makeup and makes it easier to remove. Using an oil-based cleanser is so much better for you skin! Rather than pushing the makeup and dirt into your pores the oil breaks down and separates the makeup so it slides right off the skin.

Now that you have used the Oil-based cleanser and the majority of your makeup has been removed from your face, it's time to use your everyday facial cleanser. Gently massage the cleanser into your skin removing any trace of makeup or dirt that was still on your face. Wash the remaining cleanser off and you are good to go!


So, are you going to start double cleansing?