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  1. A simple & natural Mineral Makeup routine

    Sometimes we wake up and we just can’t be bothered to do a full face of glam makeup. Other times we sleep through our alarms and have 10 minutes to do your makeup! In today's blog I am going to be telling you how you can achieve a beautiful natural look that is quick and simple.

    Step 1 is to, wash, moisturise and prime your face. As soon as you wake up in the morning it is extremely important for you to wash your face before you apply makeup. Washing your face will give you a clean fresh base for a smooth and easier application. After washing and drying your face apply a layer of moisturiser and let it absorb into your skin. This will hydrate your skin and stop your makeup drying throughout the day. The last step for this part is applying a layer of primer, this will make foundation application a lot easier and will keep your makeup in place all day.

    Step 2 is

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  2. How to contour using NCinc’s Mineral bronzer

    Where do I apply the product? How much do I use? Contouring your face can make some people weary, especially if it’s not done correctly it will not look very flattering! First time contouring can be difficult, especially if you don’t know how much product to use or where to place the product on your face. People contour for different reasons, some do it to make the facial features appear slimmer and some contour just to add warmth to their faces. If you want to attempt to contour for the first time but don't know where to start, just follow my easy guide and you will be an expert in no time! First things first the contour sits on top of your foundation!

    So before you grab your Mineral Bronzer go ahead and prep your skin, apply your foundation and we’re ready to go! NCinc’s Mineral Bronzer like all of our products is a buildable formula for you only need to apply a small amount at a time. All of NCinc’s Mineral Jars already come with a sifter to stop you wasting product and for a

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  3. How to apply Mineral Foundation

    Switching from traditional liquid foundations to a loose powder based foundation will take some getting used to. The two most important things you will need to keep in mind are preparing your skin and using the right amount of powder. Follow my tips on applying powder foundation and you will soon be an expert!

    My first tip for you is to always start with a clean and fresh face for the best finish. Applying layers of makeup on top of an unwashed face is incredibly bad for your skin leading to acne and clogged pores! Preparing your face is the most important step in applying makeup. How you prepare you face will determine how your makeup will look as you are applying and throughout the day. Now you have washed your face, grab your go to moisturiser and apply a generous layer all over and let absorb.

    Now you’re ready to start applying your foundation. I recommend you use NCinc’s Kabuki brush, our kabuki brush is dense and soft perfect for a fast but even coverage! Tip the

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  4. Skin Care Tips To Instantly Improve Skin

    When I was growing up I wish I would’ve taken better care of my skin. When I started wearing makeup I thought that a simple facial cleanser every night would do the job but it really didn’t! In today's blog I’m going to be sharing some of my skincare tips and tricks with you to achieve clear glowing skin that everyone wants!

    My first tip for you is always double cleanse after removing your makeup! Using a makeup wipe or a cleanser once will not get rid of 100% of your makeup and dirt from that day. Double cleansing is the only way to be sure that all traces of makeup, dirt and oils are removed from your pores and the surface of your face. For more details on double cleansing go and check out our blog Should I Be Double Cleansing?

    My next tip is something that really changed my makeup application, exfoliating. 2-3 times a week use a gentle exfoliating scrub, What an exfoliating scrub does

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  5. How to find your perfect foundation shade!

    One of the biggest struggles within the makeup world as we all know is finding the right foundation shade. No one wants a big orange line along their jawline and a pale white neck, that is a no go! Isn’t it just the worst when you think you’ve found the right shade but you end up looking like a pale ghost? I myself am very fair skinned, meaning I always go to the lightest shades but end up looking as white as a sheet! But it doesn't end there, finding the right formula is tricky too. Some foundations can make your skin look flaky, oily or patchy. Many people who are just learning about mineral makeup may dread the thought of finding their right shade because it’s hard enough finding liquid foundation shade, so wouldn't it be just as hard or even harder with loose powder? Well it’s not, I find it a lot easier to find a shade that matches my skin tone perfectly with the help of NCinc’s colour guide.

    NCinc’s foundation

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  6. Tips for oily skin

    Having oily skin is the worst! I suffer with oily skin and it has taken me a long time find the right products and tips that help me keep my oily skin under control. In this blog I'm going to be sharing my tips with you!

    My first tip is simply washing your face. It's that easy, at least two to three times a week you should be using a gentle exfoliating scrub to wash your face. The exfoliating scrub will remove any oil and dirt that are clogging your pores, also the scrub will remove dead skin from the surface of your face leaving your skin smooth and clean. As well as exfoliating it's important to use a gentle face wash daily to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy especially on the days you won't be exfoliating!

    When it comes to applying foundation it's important to make sure you prepare your skin first.Go and check out our How

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  7. How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

    How often do you clean your makeup brushes? You should be cleaning your makeup brushes thoroughly at least every two weeks! In this blog I'm going to tell you why it's important to keep your makeup tools clean and how to correctly wash them!

    Cleaning your makeup brushes plays a bigger part when you are applying your makeup than you might think. Reusing unwashed makeup tools can leave you with an uneven application, even causing acne break-outs and blackheads from the oils that still linger in your brushes. As the inside of your makeup sponges and brushes hold so many chemicals and bacteria from the products you use that you can't see.

    Just like using fake beauty products, we all know they can have terrible effects on your skin, well it's the same as using dirty brushes. I bet you will think twice about reusing unwashed brushes on your skin! So how can you clean

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  8. Should I Be Double Cleansing?

    You are probably thinking why do I have to double cleanse? isn't once enough? Well it's not! In this blog I will be telling you why it's important to double cleanse and how to do it.  

    What are the benefits of double cleansing?

    Double cleansing after a full day of wearing makeup will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean! Sometimes just using a makeup wipe or cleaning your face once is not enough. Makeup and oil will still be on your face and in your pores, even if you can't see it!

    When makeup and oils are left on your skin, especially overnight, there is a chance you will wake up with blemishes and blackheads. We have all fallen asleep with makeup on once or twice waking up to your skin feeling dry and

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  9. Easy Mineral Makeup Look for Autumn with NCinc Products

    Cecilia is a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger who writes on her personal site Brand & Beauty. We recently sent her some samples of our products so she could write a tutorial and show her readers how she is using Mineral Makeup this Autumn. DSCN4297 In her tutorial she shows you how she applies our makeup by applying the foundation, then using our concealer, Miracle Veil and Bronzer to get the Autumn look. Check out the tutorial and subscribe to her blog for more beauty tips. Thanks Cecilia! 1

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  10. Teach Yourself: How to Apply Mineral Makeup

    In this post we will be teaching you how to apply your mineral makeup correctly. If you are used to traditional liquid foundations, using minerals for the first time will take you a little longer but if you follow our tips, with practice you will be an expert in no time at all.

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