How safe Is Mineral Makeup

When we think about keeping our skin safe we instantly think about acne, sensitive skin and keeping our pores clear, so how safe is mineral makeup for my skin? Are minerals actually safe? Yes minerals are safe! Mineral makeup is the best form of makeup for all different types of skin. The thought of switching from your favourite brand to mineral makeup can put so many people off. But Mineral makeup is 100% safe for you skin!

Our formulas include natural ingredients perfect if you have any type of skin condition. When using NCinc’s mineral makeup you will never have to worry about the powder causing any kind of reaction or irritation on your skin. If you have sensitive skin mineral makeup is what you need to be using! It’s so easy for other brands of makeup to cause a flare up on your skin and what makes it worse is that you don’t know exactly which ingredient is causing the irritation. Using Mineral Makeup and knowing the ingredients is the best and safest thing you can do for you skin! No matter what skin type you have our formula is guaranteed to work with and protect you. What could be safer than using a product containing only natural ingredients?