How Long Does Mineral Makeup Last?


Do you keep track of when you buy or open new makeup products? Do you know when you should throw makeup away? If not, no need to worry! I will be telling you how to know when to that your makeup is out of date and the effects of using out of date makeup can have on your skin! 

I never used to take notice, still to this day I have makeup products from many years ago that desperately need to be thrown away! I have been guilty of going to use a product and thinking it smells strange or the colour/ consistency of the product is changing, that’s when you know it definitely needs to be thrown away! It is really important that you keep in mind when you are opening new products because using them after they have expired can be really dangerous!

On every piece of makeup there will be an image of a little jar with a half open lid. There will also be a number, for example 24. This means you need to throw the product away 24 months after opening! Your makeup will start to harbour bacteria after being used for a while which is not good for you skin or eyes! It’s even more important that you do not use expired mascara or eye shadows as this can cause infections or irritations on your eyes! The most obvious thing about using expired makeup is that it will cause blemishes and rashes on your face. Your face will become covered in bumps and it will be very uncomfortable!