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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Miracle Veil Powder

    What is so good about our Miracle Veil powder?

    Nc-Inc's Miracle Veil  has many benefits to make your makeup look flawless! The main purpose of our miracle veil is to give you a flawless finish. Smoothing out any imperfections and lines set in the skin.

    Our Miracle veil can be worn underneath or over the top of your other makeup, this is useful for those of you who have oily or combination skin. We all love a good highlighter that adds a shine to our face however I know personally I hate having that oily look! If you are like me this powder will be exactly what you need. The Miracle Veil powder absorbs the natural oils and any extra moisture on your makeup!  

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  2. The Benefits Of Mineral Makeup

    Why should I buy mineral makeup?

    There's always a worry when trying new makeup that your skin will react to the ingredients or that the product will cause an acne breakout. But with mineral makeup you will never have to worry about that again! Our mineral makeup contains only naturally sourced ingredients, specially chosen to leave your skin free from harmful chemicals, fragrances and oils that will irritate your skin and lead to acne break-outs. Your skin will thank you for it!

    We understand that for those of you suffer from sensitive or acne prone skin it's important to know what's going on your face and to feel comfortable with the ingredients within the products you use. However when using mineral make up you will never have to worry about trying new makeup again. You can be in control of your skin and never worry about spots, allergic reactions

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