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  1. Tips for dry skin

    Wearing makeup and having dry skin is a challenge, especially now that the cold weather has arrived. If you aren’t sure if you have dry skin, the things to look out for are; flaky patches, tightness, fine lines and red/sore patches of skin. Dry skin can be difficult to manage but with my simple tips I hope to improve your skin!

    A great way to start is to use a cleansing scrub to exfoliate the skin. This will remove dead skin from the surface and leave you with a smooth base for better makeup application. Don’t exfoliate more than 3 times a week as this can damage your skin! Invest in a good moisturiser, regularly moisturising everyday your skin will be hydrated! Makeup products will dry out your skin throughout the day however with a layer of moisturiser under your makeup your face will stay fresh and hydrated all day. Alongside a moisturiser for smoother skin apply a layer of primer to make your makeup stay put.

    An important tip is not to aggravate your skin. Over ble

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  2. How to apply Mineral Eyeliner

    Mineral eyeliner is different from other eyeliners because it comes in a loose powder form. How do I apply loose powder eyeliner? The application of applying mineral eyeliner will take a little longer because you will be using smaller strokes. After a bit of practice and following my guide you will be an expert in no time!

    The first thing to remember is to take your time! Because you are working with powder you won’t be able to just quickly apply it to your lash line. The best brush to use is a flat angled brush to achieve sleek neat lines, before you start you will need to dampen your brush. The damp brush will help the mineral powder to adhere to your brush for an easier application!

    Dip your brush into the product and tap off any excess to stop fallout lying under your eye and on top of your cheeks. It’s best to start in the corner of your eye and work your way out, using small strokes apply the product to your lash line. Work the product out towards the outer cor

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  3. How to highlight your face using NCinc’s Highlighter

    Highlighter is the finishing touch that completes a makeup look with a shimmering glow. I’m sure that most of you have tried many different types of highlighter; Jelly, pressed powder and even liquid drops! But have you ever tried loose powder highlighter? You may be thinking that applying loose powder after you have applied a full face of makeup will be a challenge. Follow my easy guide and you will have no problems!

    If you are new to highlighting let's start with where to apply the product. Everyone has different preferences as to where they like their glow to sit. Please don’t think that you have to apply highlighter to all of these areas, apply the highlighter to where you think it suits you best! Highlighter typically sits above the cheekbones, under your eyebrow, the inner corner of your eyes, bridge of your nose and cupid's bow.

    To apply collect a small amount of product on the brush, tap off any excess and blend in small circular motions. If you want a more int

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  4. How to reduce the appearance of pores

    After taking off your makeup or washing your face have you looked at your pores? You may notice they are small or more noticeable. While in the skin care isle you may have noticed toners that will shrink your pores, sadly that's not possible! However using the right products and methods you can reduce the appearance of them. In this blog I will be giving you a helpful tip to achieve smaller looking pores!

    Your pores will appear to look larger because they are clogged with dirt, making them more noticeable. The areas on your face you may be able to see your pores are on your nose and under your eye right next to your nose. The best way to reduce the appearance of your pores is by exfoliating 2-3 times a week, I recommend no more than this as over exfoliating will damage your skin! Your pores are full of dead skin, oil and bacteria, exfoliating will remove all of the dirt that has been stretching your pores. Leaving you with healthier and cleaner skin! After exfoliating I would

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  5. How to contour using NCinc’s Mineral bronzer

    Where do I apply the product? How much do I use? Contouring your face can make some people weary, especially if it’s not done correctly it will not look very flattering! First time contouring can be difficult, especially if you don’t know how much product to use or where to place the product on your face. People contour for different reasons, some do it to make the facial features appear slimmer and some contour just to add warmth to their faces. If you want to attempt to contour for the first time but don't know where to start, just follow my easy guide and you will be an expert in no time! First things first the contour sits on top of your foundation!

    So before you grab your Mineral Bronzer go ahead and prep your skin, apply your foundation and we’re ready to go! NCinc’s Mineral Bronzer like all of our products is a buildable formula for you only need to apply a small amount at a time. All of NCinc’s Mineral Jars already come with a sifter to stop you wasting product and for a

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  6. How to clean NCinc’s Kabuki Brush

    After reading our previous blogs you will know that the best tool to apply Mineral Makeup with is the Kabuki Brush! The dense brush works wonders for blending out loose powder. It’s very important that you regularly clean your kabuki brush, the dense bristles collect a lot of powder and then after time start to store bacteria!. You definitely don’t want to be applying your makeup on to a clean face with a dirty brush, this can cause your skin to breakout! Cleaning your Kabuki Brush is easy and today I will be explaining how to do this in 3 easy steps!

    Step 1- Before you start applying your choice or brush cleanser, you need to wet your kabuki brush. Head for your sink and start to run the hot tap, however I would advise you to use warm water as this is better for the bristles and stops you from burning your hand! Place the Kabuki Brush under running water until all the bristles are wet through.

    Step 2- Now you need to take your brush cleanser I recommend using an oil

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  7. How to apply mineral eye makeup

    Most if not all of you are used to using compressed eyeshadow in a pan. The thought of using an eyeshadow that is loose powder can be scary, especially thinking of the fallout! If not done correctly applying Mineral eyeshadow can be very messy and ruin any base makeup you apply. Follow my easy tips to apply Mineral Eyeshadow and you will be an expert in no time!

    Mineral makeup comes in a jar supplied with a sifter stopping you from wasting product. When using Mineral eyeshadow I would advise applying the eyeshadow before your base foundation. First you need to apply a primer to your eye making it the application easier and smoother. Let the primer absorb and you are ready to start applying mineral eyeshadow!The best tool to use to apply the mineral eyeshadow would be a flat brush. Dip the brush into your choice of eyeshadow and tap off excess to avoid a buildup of fall out underneath your eye.

    Now you have the product on your brush apply straight to your eyelid, blend

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  8. How to avoid cakey makeup

    Applying any kind of makeup is a challenge, whether it be Mineral, mousse or liquid! There are so many factors which can lead to a bad application and some are out of our hands! Depending on the type of skin you have plays a large part of how the formula will work with your skin and the finished look. It’s a horrible feeling thinking your foundation or overall makeup looks amazing then you step in to natural light and that is not the case! A fear that people who are new to using mineral makeup have is their base of their makeup looking cakey. In this blog I will be giving you my tips and tricks on how to avoid cakey makeup, it’s a lot easier than you might think!

    Start by making sure to prepare your skin correctly. People with dry skin are most likely to suffer with cakey makeup problems! It doesn’t matter if you have applied the foundation perfectly if you skin isn’t hydrated your makeup will look cakey and also flaky! Always start with a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrate

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  9. How to conceal dark circles with mineral makeup

    How can I conceal under my eyes with only using a powder product? It doesn’t matter if I have 2 hours of sleep or 10 I forever had dark circles under my eyes! Because of this I rely on colour correctors and concealer to hide dark circles, leaving under my eyes bright and ready for the day! I’m going to use this blog to explain the benefits of using Mineral colour correctors!

    First let's talk about NCinc’s yellow corrector, a yellow colour corrector is designed to conceal and hide any dark areas on your face and create an even looking skin tone. Most commonly used under the eyes to hide dark circles. The yellow corrector is applied before foundation and any other products, apply a very small amount as NCinc’s Correctors are very pigmented! Blend gently using circular motions and don’t be afraid to add a bit more product if you want a fuller coverage.

    Once the corrector is applied you can then go in and apply your foundation and concealer, once you have finished blending

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  10. How to set mineral makeup

    Whatever the occasion whether it’s a shopping trip or going for a night out we all want our makeup to last and look as flawless as it did when we first applied it! There is nothing worse when you leave the house with a flawless full face of makeup and 3 hours into your day you see patches of uneven foundation or your concealer has creased under your eye! I’m hoping that with some tips on setting Mineral Makeup I can help your makeup stay put throughout the day!

    The key is to set your makeup correctly never leave the house without setting your makeup, your makeup will start to slide off your skin straight away especially if you have oily skin! Once you have applied your base which will be your foundation and concealer always use a finishing powder! The finishing powder will make sure that your makeup will stay where it should be! Apply a generous layer all over your face, blending gently to make sure you don’t ruin your foundation underneath!

    Areas such as under the e

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